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Cambridge Academy of Therapeutic Sciences


Q. Am I eligible to apply?

Essentially, the objective of this funding for Sanofi is to build a strong relationship with the awarded scientist and prepare during the first year for potential further collaboration. This would mean that the scientist leading the project would need to be in a position to know that they are able to continue the project after one year if it went well. Sanofi's view is therefore that applicants could be senior scientists who may already be recognised in their field but potentially junior scientists as well.

They also confirmed that post docs can apply but in this case they would strongly recommend a co-leadership with a senior PI (within the same lab for example), especially for junior post docs, to be well placed for building a strong future relationship. They commented that this year they have specifically introduced the status of “co-leader” in the template application form for this purpose.

Q. What can I disclose about my research in the application form?

The application form only requires non-confidential information to be included. Please do not disclose any unpublished data.