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Cambridge Academy of Therapeutic Sciences

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MPhil in Therapeutic Sciences

The University of Cambridge and The Cambridge Academy of Therapeutic Sciences are delighted to launch the new and innovative MPhil in Therapeutic Sciences in Autumn 2018, with the first cohort of students due to begin in Autumn 2019. This one-year full-time course will select a cohort of students with the skills...

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Industry Experts in Residence (EiRs)

Our Industry Experts in Residence are available to University of Cambridge staff for: Advice on the applicability of specific ideas to drug discovery, diagnostics & devices Advice on translational grant applications Discussions about progression of current translational research projects Work in conjunction with...

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Open Access to Drug Discovery

The folllowing companies and not-for-profit organisations offer services and tools which support drug discovery. AstraZeneca BioAscent EMBL-EBI EU-OPENSCREEN GSK UCB AstraZeneca AstraZeneca have a number of offerings under their OpenInnovation platform including: Clinical Compound Bank Preclinical Toolbox Target Innovation...

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Latest news

Regeneration mechanism discovered in mice could provide target for drugs to combat chronic liver disease

5 November 2019

A newly-discovered molecular mechanism that allows damaged adult liver cells to regenerate could pave the way for drugs to treat conditions such as cirrhosis or other chronic liver diseases where regeneration is impaired. We now understand how adult liver cells respond to the changes caused by tissue injury. This paves the...

University of Cambridge involved in £55m transatlantic alliance to research early detection of cancer

23 October 2019

The University of Cambridge will be a partner in a £55million transatlantic research alliance to develop radical new strategies and technology to detect cancer at its earliest stage. A clinical facility will be designed and built in Cambridge to enable early phase clinical trials of diagnostic technologies as part of the...

Study highlights potential of whole genome sequencing to enable personalised cancer treatment

4 October 2019

Whole genome sequencing of tumour cells could help predict the prognosis of a patient’s cancer and offer clues to identify the most effective treatment, suggests an international study published today in Nature Medicine . Previously, it was like going on a voyage with only a limited map, but now, with whole genome...