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Cambridge Academy of Therapeutic Sciences


Departments and Institutes are invited to apply for internal funds, awarded to the University of Cambridge by the Wellcome Trust, through an Institutional Translational Partnership Award (ITPA).

The funds are to support early translational research and to encourage academics to make the initial steps in taking basic science through to biomedical application and patient benefit.


The specific call is to enable Departments and Institutes of the University to bid for funding to obtain the services of a translational consultant. The translational consultant could meet (virtually) with members of the Department/Institute in order to:

  • Identify new opportunities to translate research
  • Provide project specific advise to ongoing translational projects
  • Provide general advise to the Department/Institute on translation and innovation
  • Develop a translational strategy for the Department/Institute
  • Improve the levels of engagement in translation and impactful research

Departments may apply for up to £20,000 of funding to obtain consultancy services.


Please contact Dr Cathy Boucher (School of Clinical Medicine, School of Technology) or Dr Juraj Rievaj (School of Biological Sciences and School of Physical Sciences) for initial discussion, support and feedback on a draft of your proposal.

Fully completed applications need to be sent to Dr Cathy Boucher or Dr Juraj Rievaj by 10am Wednesday 24th March 2021.

We anticipate that the requested consultancy services will be delivered within 6 months from the decision to support.