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This innovative and highly multi-disciplinary course has been co-developed and co-delivered with industry partners and puts the students in an advantageous position whereby they will be taught by world-leading academic and industry experts in the field of therapeutic sciences. The taught elements of the course consist of extensive core teaching in the following areas:

Healthcare Challenges in the 21st Century and Future Shaping Factors

Drug Discovery, Design, Production, Safety and Characterisation

New Modalities and Advanced Therapeutics

Clinical Aspects of Therapeutics Development

Devices, Diagnostics and Convergence Technologies

Regulatory, Legal, Communication and Policy Considerations in Therapeutics Development

Business, Entrepreneurial and Leadership Training


The aims of this one-year, full-time, training course are to:

  • Give the student relevant teaching and experience of modern therapeutic science research and translation
  • Expose them to a variety of research environments at different developmental stages, instilling the drivers and decision making required at each stage
  • Introduce them to the basic and quantitative skills of experimental design, project management, time management etc. needed in research
  • Familiarise the student with the practicalities of laboratory research, imparting an understanding of the nature of bench research, of record keeping and data handling, of standard operating procedures and good laboratory practice
  • Introduce them to basic analytical techniques needed to understand and contextualise their research
  • Train students in effective teamwork and basic scientific writing and presentation skills
  • Instil within students the importance of the scientific method and the diligence required in the planning and execution of research in the academic or industrial laboratory

The course will also:

  • Attract students from a wide range of science, medicine and technology backgrounds by providing taught modules with a basic overview of each module
  • Give students the necessary broad understanding of current therapeutic developments and trends to prepare them for future employment within the industrial sector
  • Provide students with adequate experience and mentoring in therapeutic sciences to enable them to make an informed choice of PhD project if they so wish or to move into an appropriate commercial environment.