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Cambridge Academy of Therapeutic Sciences


A heavily-weighted dissertation of 10,000 words based on research conducted during the University or company internship will constitute a substantial proportion of the marks. The placement and the project will be tailored to suit the individual student and may involve research in fundamental science, translational medicine or a more business oriented issue. It will be conducted at the premises of a participating company (with University oversight and supervision) or in a University laboratory (with industrial oversight and supervision).

All projects will be approved as being of a suitable standard for the Master’s in Therapeutic Sciences by the Course Director of the course and the degree committee for the Faculty of Biology. It is anticipated that the dissertation will provide novel findings and/or real insight into a current issue in therapeutic sciences and not merely be a review of current know-how or practice. All projects will be developed by both an academic and industry supervisor prior to being offered to students. The thesis will make up 45% of the overall mark for the year.

At the end of terms one and two, students will submit a 5,000 word essay on a topical subject in therapeutics sciences. All essay topics will be approved by the course director prior to commencement. Each essay will make up 25% of the overall mark for the year.

An end of year research symposium will take place at which students will be required to give oral presentations and produce a research poster. This element will make up 5% of the overall mark for the year.

Students may also be required to attend a viva in person in late August or early September.