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Cambridge Academy of Therapeutic Sciences


Cambridge Academy of Therapeutic Sciences (CATS) is offering an access to external consultancy services for translational research projects through its Access to Expertise (AtE).

AtE is an internal call supported by funds from the Institutional Translational Partnership Award, awarded to the University of Cambridge by the Wellcome Trust. The aim of AtE is to accelerate research, development and application of new drugs, biologicals, gene therapy, software applications or medical devices for human patient treatment, management of diagnosis.

AtE scheme will allow the applicant to:

  • gain evidence of the feasibility (or otherwise) of their translational plans
  • unblock specific bottlenecks to shift their research to the next phase of translation
  • strengthen their chances of obtaining downstream funding

Requested expertise could be in the form of:

  • regulatory advice
  • health economics
  • competitor landscape
  • market analysis
  • biostatistics
  • business plan
  • computational and modelling analysis
  • Other expertise not available in University of Cambridge and beyond the merit of Experts in Residence program

Funds cannot be used to support:

  • Patent filing or similar direct cost for registering intellectual property rights, as this type of support is offered by Cambridge Enterprise
  • Salary costs
  • Laboratory work or clinical trials

Fund will support costs up to a maximum of £20,000 (including VAT, which is typically 20%).


All University of Cambridge affiliated PIs are eligible to apply.

Application process

If considering to apply, please contact Dr Juraj Rievaj at your earliest convenience to discuss the next steps and to get the application form.

Deadline for completed applications: THIS CALL IS CURRENTLY CLOSED.

 For more information please watch the video below (please note that there this call is currently closed):