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Cambridge Academy of Therapeutic Sciences


The Cambridge Academy of Therapeutic Sciences (CATS) is a strategic research initiative established to facilitate the development of new therapeutics and support the education and training of the next generation of world-leading researchers. 

We transcend traditional boundaries between disciplines and between academics and industrialists. CATS provides a unique outwardly-focused mechanism in which fundamental and applied research into therapeutics and diagnostics can flourish and be translated into patient treatments with maximum efficiency. 

Working in partnership, we are creating and supporting a vibrant, connected community of scientists working to tackle research and policy challenges.  The Academy embraces academics from across the University, scientists and managers from industry, key opinion leaders and thinkers concerned with regulatory, legal and policy issues. Local, national and international interactions will be facilitated by the structures and principles developed as part of the Academy concept. The Academy will also develop and deliver training and research programmes (Masters and PhD) to educate a new generation of scientists and clinicians in fields as diverse as toxicology, pharmacology, systems biology, medicinal chemistry, physics, engineering and mathematics as applied to medicine.

CATS is also home to the Cambridge Alliance on Medicines Safety. This industry/academia partnership has been established to build an active academic research programme amongst University scientists whose work relates to safety of medicines, with strong links to pharmaceutical and human-safety related companies.