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Cambridge Academy of Therapeutic Sciences


The Industry Experts in Residence are available to University of Cambridge staff for:

  • Advice on the applicability of specific ideas to drug discovery, diagnostics & devices

  • Advice on translational grant applications

  • Discussions about progression of current translational research projects

  • Work in conjunction with Cambridge Enterprise


If you have an idea or problem relating to research translation that you would like to discuss with any of the Industry Experts in Residence, please contact us on

01223 766163

Dr Jeremy Griggs, GSK
Drug Discovery and Development

Jeremy has extensive knowledge of the drug discovery process, with over fifteen years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry following obtaining his PhD from the University of Cambridge. His particular specialisms include biopharmaceuticals and oncology. His current interests focus on innovative approaches to drug discovery which are based on partnerships between biotechnology, academic and industrial sectors.

Talk to Jeremy about:

  • Oncology & biopharmaceuticals
  • Drug discovery processes & industrial perspective for novel therapeutics
  • Defining critical pre-clinical studies to strengthen project proposals

View Jeremy's LinkedIn profile for more details

Dr John Pritchard, Consultant
Diagnostics, Devices & Biotechnology

John has a wealth of knowledge in the field of diagnostics and devices. He has experience of managing technology start-ups, state-of-the-art operations, cross-functional teams, IP assets and organisational expansion projects to achieve competitive market advantages.  He is a recognised industry pioneer with over 30 years of industrial experience, including advisory roles and board level experience. 

Talk to John about:

  • Development of diagnostics & devices
  • Technology evaluation & acquisition
  • Market assessment, spin outs & licensing

View John's LinkedIn profile for more details

Claire Thompson, Consultant

Pharmaceutical Product Development

Claire has more than 15 years’ experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry spanning the large multi-nationals GlaxoSmithKline and Pfizer, virtual and Contract Research Organisations. Having taken a range of therapeutic products through clinical phases 1 to 3, she thrives on translating innovative technologies into healthcare products and shaping technical and organisational strategies.

Talk to Claire about:

  • Pharmaceutical product development and commercialization
  • Business planning
  • Communicating science with impact

View Claire's LinkedIn profile for more details

Dr Jon Lyon, GSK
Medicines Safety

Jon is an investigative toxicologist with extensive knowledge of the drug discovery and development process with over 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry after obtaining a PhD from Imperial College, London.  His specialist area is mitochondria and bioenergetics and he leads GSK’s Mitochondrial Network and has collaborations with academia including Cambridge.

Talk to Jon about:

  • Mitochondrial dysfunction in disease states and drug-induced toxicity
  • Application of technologies in drug discovery and development
  • Support for grant applications

View Jon's LinkedIn profile for more details

Trevor Perrior, Consultant

Medicinal Chemist

Trevor has extensive experience in drug discovery. He has led research teams that have delivered fourteen compounds into development, including several that have entered clinical trials. To date this work has resulted in one marketed compound. His pharmaceutical therapeutic areas of expertise include oncology, inflammation, respiratory, anti-infectives, and neurology/CNS.  He is an advisor to the Wellcome Trust and is the former CEO of Domainex.

Talk to Trevor about:

  •  Drug discovery
  •  Industry-academic collaborations for translational drug research
  • Expansion of small-molecule series

View Trevor’s LinkedIn profile for more details.

Tom Oakley, Somerville Development Partners

Regulatory Development

Tom has a DPhil from Oxford University, studying the mechanisms of genomic instability in the development of cancer. He subsequently spent more than 20 years in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, working mostly in regulatory affairs. During his career, Tom has supported the development of new medicines, especially for the treatment of cancer and rare diseases. Tom has founded a European regulatory development consulting group, where he helps innovator biotech companies with everything they need to navigate the EU and UK regulatory environments. His focus is advising on regulatory requirements/incentives for Phase 1 to 3 clinical development, through to obtaining marketing authorisation. 

Tom can advise on:

  • EU and UK clinical development requirements and gaining authorisation for clinical trials
  • Engaging with the regulators for scientific advice
  • Paediatric regulatory requirements
  • Regulatory incentives such as orphan drug designation
  • Accelerated, conditional and exceptional circumstances marketing authorisation
  • Regulatory strategy and planning

View Tom’s LinkedIn profile for more details.

Dr Chris J Powell FRCPath 

Director, Cambridge BioPharma Consultants Ltd 

Chris has extensive experience of working with small and medium sized biopharmaceutical companies on drug discovery and development projects, as a member of Scientific Advisory Boards and as a consultant. Previously, he was Vice President of Translational Medicine and Safety Assessment at GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals, with responsibility for studies on the safety and efficacy of new medicines. He has served on, and chaired, Scientific Advisory Committees for the Pharma Industry, UK/EU Government and the World Health Organisation and he is former President of the British Toxicology Society.  His scientific interests are the human (translational) relevance of experimental safety studies, the application of mechanisms of toxicity to risk assessment and the potential of medicines & chemicals to cause cancer.  

Talk to Chris about:

  • Discovery profiling potential new medicines and drug candidate optimisation
  • Strategic advice on drug development and studies to enable clinical trials 
  • Commissioning oversight & review of outsourced experimental safety studies 
  • Interpretation of experimental data, problem solving and evaluating the human translational relevance of experimental safety data 
  • Advocacy and negotiation with Regulatory Authorities 
  • Due diligence and independent evaluation of development collaborations, in-licencing, drug candidate acquisition and investment opportunities 

View Chris's LinkedIn profile for more details.

Nicola WallisDr Nicola Wallis

Drug Discovery Consultant

Nicola has more than 25 years of drug discovery experience across the pharma and biotech industry, most recently as SVP and Head of Biology at Astex Pharmaceuticals. She has led and contributed to many small molecule drug discovery projects across multiple therapeutic areas (Oncology, Neurodegeneration, Anti-infectives), including those which have advanced compounds to the clinic.



Talk to Nicola about:

  • Drug discovery and development
  • Industry-academic collaborations
  • Oncology and neurodegeneration therapeutic areas.

View Nichola's LinkedIn profile for more details.

This initiative is supported by grants from the Medical Research Council and Wellcome Trust