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Cambridge Academy of Therapeutic Sciences


The University of Cambridge is among the first three institutions to join Pfizer's Innovative Target Exploration Network (ITEN) programme.

Announced by Pfizer on 8th January, ITEN is a new, early-stage partnering model that enables collaborative relationships with select academic institutions and principal investigators around the world, to identify research projects that have the potential to deliver novel therapeutic targets and mechanisms of action to underpin future drug discovery in core areas of interest to Pfizer.

Each ITEN is managed by an External Scientific Innovation Lead (ESIL) from Pfizer, who serves as the liaison between senior scientists from Pfizer and academic principal investigators from the applicable institution, and who facilitates discussions on research topics of mutual interest.

The University of Cambridge and the University of Oxford are the first to participate in the ITEN model in the United Kingdom, and the University of Texas Southwestern (UTSW) is the first to participate in the United States. Pfizer is seeking to selectively include other institutions to be part of the ITEN model.

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