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Cambridge Academy of Therapeutic Sciences


The latest issue of Research Horizons focuses on future therapeutics and provides a snapshot of cutting-edge research from across the University of Cambridge. 

Nanobots small enough to move around our bloodstream, damaged hearts repaired with ‘off-the-shelf’ pieces of beating tissue, genetic diseases cured by ‘molecular scissors’ that snip out and replace faulty DNA. These coming innovations – and many more – have the potential to change the face of therapeutic medicine.

Meanwhile, a step change is happening in the pipeline from petri dish to pill. Major efforts are being directed at strengthening the collaboration between academia and industry at several stages of the drug development process to reduce the high rates of drug failure in clinical trials.

Text adapted from the Foreword from the Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research, Professor Chris Abell. See the Research Horizons website for the full text and to access the e-magazine.