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Cambridge-AZ Cohort 2022


Matthew Edge

Project Title: Building Chromatographic Retention Times
Supervisor: Prof. Jonathan Goodman (University of Cambridge) & Dr Jennifer Kingston (AstraZeneca)

Having studies Natural Sciences at Cambridge and specializing into chemistry, I undertook a research project in my final year with the Goodman group looking into simulating reaction dynamic effects in organic systems, especially the CBS reduction. I found a deep enthusiasm for research and was lucky enough to stay n and pursue a new avenue of investigation into using machine learning methods to predict chromatographic outcomes. I am incredibly thankful to AstraZeneca for their support and access to their fantastic range of data to allow this research to take place. 


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Caroline Wyatt

Project Title: Developing GABAA Receptor Modulators
Supervisor: Dr Paul Miller (University of Cambridge) & Dr Steven Rust (AstraZeneca)

Caroline completed an undergraduate degree in Experimental Psychology at Magdalen College, Oxford before coming to Cambridge to study for an MPhil in Basic & Translational Neuroscience. During her MPhil she completed a 6 month research project on GABA A receptor modulation in Dr Miller's laboratory. Bitten by the GABA bug she decided to stay in the Miller Group for a PhD generously funded by AstraZeneca to continue her work on developing novel modulators, with a focus on improving the affinity of modulators previously identified by the group and addressing problems with their therapeutic translation. 


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