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AstraZeneca-Funded Non-Clinical PhD studentships (2024 intake)  

 This is to announce that the AstraZeneca-funded Non Clinical PhD studentship program is now closed. For 2025 intake please visit this website again in April 2024. 

Remit: The aim of this programme is to fund 4year Non-Clinical PhD studentships at the University of Cambridge (UoC) for talented graduates in research areas which align with the strategic interests of AstraZeneca (AZ). The three broad areas of research interests are 

  •  Innovative Technologies and Platforms 
  • Novel Biological and Chemistry Research 
  •  Science, Data and Technology

Eligibility and Criteria: Principal Investigators employed by the University of Cambridge and AstraZeneca are eligible to apply in partnership or as individuals. Individual investigators applying without an AstraZeneca / Cambridge partner must be willing to collaborate with a co-investigator from the partner organisation. The programme management team can assist with the identification of a suitable partner. The form to assist in identifying a suitable partner will be available online from 09th May’23 and should be completed by 06th June’23. 

All applications should be submitted as a partnership between identified Principle investigators employed by the UoC and AZ. The University of Cambridge Principal Investigator will be the lead investigator for this studentship should it be awarded. Support for the proposal will be required from the relevant University of Cambridge Head of Department prior to submission.   

Submissions must align with one or more of the research themes and are limited to one per Principle Investigator. Projects must be truly collaborative with AZ participation throughout advertisement, recruitment and delivery of the project. PIs who have not had an AZ funded studentship in previous call will be prioritised. Projects need to be advertised via the university jobs and CATS website as AstraZeneca funded projects.  

Funding: Each funded studentship covers  

  • Student stipend for 4 year  

  • Combined fees for Home student only for 4 year  

  • Project consumable budget up to £33,000 for 4 year  

  • Travel and subsistence for the student up to £5000 for 4 year  

Please note, the AstraZeneca funded non clinical studentship program covers academic fees for UK/home students only. Any additional funding required for the recruitment of overseas students will not be covered and will have to be met by the University department or other sources. 

Application Process:  

University of Cambridge PI’s will require RAVEN account to download the application form and complete the application process. Application form will be available on the CATS website from 09th May to download. Once completed, the form can thereafter be uploaded directly on CATS website. The forms should be fully completed and signed before uploading to CATS website.

Review: Proposals will be reviewed by the Steering Committee which includes representation from AstraZeneca and the University of Cambridge. The Committee will be responsible annual allocation of studentships based on proposal fit to strategic remit, the enhanced collaborative potential of the proposal, and available budgets.   


The deadline for receipt of full proposals is Monday 03rd July 2023.  As timelines are quite tight, PIs are strongly encouraged to seek a collaborative partner as soon as possible (and prior to 06th June 2023) so that full submissions can be made to the selection committee by the specified deadline.  

Contact details  

All proposals should be uploaded on CATS website. If you have any queries or are unable to download or upload the form, please email the program team at .