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Cambridge Academy of Therapeutic Sciences



The Cambridge Alliance for Medicines Safety was delighted to support the inaugural In Silico Toxicology Network Meeting, along with the British Toxicology Society (BTS), the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) CICAG Group, and Lhasa Ltd. This event was spearheaded by CAMS committee member Andreas Bender from the Department of Chemistry at the University, and was designed to foster the in silico toxicology community in the UK and beyond. 90 people were registered for the event, and the programme provided a mix of scientific contributions as well as presentations covering regulatory aspects, industry perspectives, databases, relevant software, journals and ongoing work in the field.

Presenters were encouraged to discuss in silico toxicology approaches that are currently in use, as well as to identify aspects that don't work that well right now to identify potential for future developments and the event concluded with reception and a dinner to stimulate further discussions between participants. It will be held yearly from now on to bring people together at regular intervals, and the next meeting is currently scheduled for 30 September 2020. You are welcome to send an email to Andreas at if you wish to present in 2020, or to receive an update once details are known (which will also be published on the event website, at in the near future).